Explain to Me

There aren't enough Cori Bushes out there. **Trigger Warning**

Episode # 25 Notes: There aren't enough Cori Bushes out there. Trigger Warning

Recorded: 10/07/18

Episode Length: 31:10

Trigger Warning: Sexual violence/ Brett Kavanaugh

This week we answered questions from Pilar the host of @MaryBuckPodcast, "Explain to Me why people who are high functioning and depressed are unheard." Jake and Bex discussed local protests against Justice Kavanaugh and the idea of a Utopia lead by women of color. Then Reggy from @TheSpinPodcast asked, "Explain to me a time where you were stereotyped because of your race/ethnicity within your career."

This Episode is dedicated to Cori Bush and Occupy the 100. Get involved with local politics. Follow @Occupythe100 on Twitter and Facebook. Follow @CoriBush on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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