Explain to Me

Thirty! Tamales! And Lube!

Episode #30 Notes: Thirty! Tamales! And Lube!

Recorded: 12/12/18

Length: 37:06

Bex, Jake, and Sean get together and reflect on 30 episodes and disscuss what will be coming in the future, in addition to thanking everyone for the support. Instead of catching up on current events, they caught up on life and how they feel this close to the holidays. The cost of having a child came up and started a conversation about an article, stating that there are many predatory practices in hospitals that people are unaware of. Bex coming clean about not knowing how to ride the Metro, and other St. Louis issues. Thoughts on the Golden Globe nominated show The Good Place, and Jameela Jamil's I Weigh campaign. Shout out to Kay of Master Bait'N for sending us Uberlube. Sean is excited to go to Wrestlemania, and asks the rest of the hosts to explain the best performance they have ever seen. Sesame Street is introducing a Homeless Character, so thoughts were discussed on that topic. Closing out the episode discussing the tamales Bex made and a cross promo for NRI Woman. Tune in.

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