Explain to Me

I'd miss wild shit.

Episode #28 Notes: I’d miss wild shit.

Recorded: 11/14/18

Episode Length: 43:35

This week we discussed what we had been up to in the last few weeks. Bex brought up her trip to Dallas; meeting up with the gals from @SpillTheChisme. Who schooled her on what to eat at Whataburger. Sean watched Latin History for Morons, and asked the rest of the group to help him create a curriculum that would have been more useful in High School. Bex asked for the guys to explain what would have been the most useful when they were younger. Jake asked the group their feelings on Stan Lee's death and mentioned future cameos. Wrapping up the episode was a question from Cornelius Swart and Andru Morgan of @PricedOutUSA. They asked, "Explain to Me what you would miss the most if your neighborhood was gentrified overnight?"

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