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I'll get the exact location of your demons. **Trigger Warning**

Mini Episode #5: Interview with Cody Beck of American Haunting Podcast

Mini-sode #5 Notes: I'll get the exact location of your demons. Trigger Warning

Recorded: 12/8/18

Episode Length: 19:58

Trigger Warning: Molestation/Child Abuse

In Mini-sode 5, Bex chats with Cody Beck of the local show American Hauntings Podcast. Their show is doing a 6 part series on the St. Louis Exorcism and the entire Season has been related to St. Louis hauntings. They take a walk and look at some of the old buildings where these events would occur. Discussing whether family trauma or demonic activity lead to the boy's behavior. Then reflect on their podcast and how they started. Please rate and subscribe.

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